12 x BumbleZest Refresh & Relax 10mg CBD Drink 250ml

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Bumblezest Ginger Turmeric & CBD Sparkling Water, for rescue & remedy, is a sparkling water herbal drink, which is made with all-natural ingredients (sourced for their specific functional properties) and 10mg of full-spectrum CBD.

– 12 x 250ml cans.

– Vegan.

– Only 20 kcals.

– For rescue & remedy.

– Infused with botanical extracts.

– Contains 7 functional & all-natural ingredients.

Unlike most other drinks on the market, that use token amounts of key ingredients, Bumblezest Ginger Turmeric & CBD Sparkling Water contains seven functional ingredients such as Ginger, CBD, Turmeric, 1/3 of a Lemon, Cinnamon, a drop of Maple Syrup and sparkling water. These ingredients are added in generous doses so that they make the sort of difference you will generally feel and notice upon consumption.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Lemon Juice 18%, Ginger Juice 16%, Maple Syrup 7.2%, Natural Flavourings, Ground Turmeric* 0.35%, Black Pepper Extract 0.2%, Cinnamon Extract 0.06%, Cannabis Sativa Oil (CBD) THC level<0.2%

NUTRITION PER 100ml: Energy 213kJ 50kcal – Protein 5.9g – Fat 0g of which saturates 0g – Carbohydrates 7.65g of which sugars 7.65g – Salt 0g – Fibre 0g

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