2 King Palm Flavoured Slim 1.5G Rolls


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– Tobacco Free

– Slim 1.5G Rolls

– Made out of all-natural Cordia palm leaves and signature cornhusk filters

– 2 Rolls in each Pouch

Comes with an organic bamboo packing stick and hydrating moisture packet to keep your rolls smoking beautifully. You can fit up to 1.5 grams of dry herbs.

Berry Terps: Activate at will the fruit-derived terpenes at the tip of these King Palm Berry Terp Slim Rolls and you’ll experience a flavour profile that’s unlike any smoke sesh you’ve had yet. To release the all-natural berry terpenes as you puff, squeeze the cornhusk filter top and pop the terpene-filled flavour capsule to unleash a deliciously fruity sensation as you inhale.

Banana Cream: Pop it open and squeeze to inhale the tropical sweetness of this banana flavoured puff whilst basking in the tasty hit that these Slim Rolls conjure up.

Magic Mint: As the name implies, these Slim Rolls contain all-natural mint terpenes that once unleashed will fill your lungs with it’s minty freshness once squeezed and popped. As you begin to smell the fragrant minty notes, the time to light up has begun.

Watermelon Wave: If you’re looking for something lighter and altogether refreshing to light up, than these Watermelon Wave Slim Rolls are what you’ve been looking for. After a simple squeeze of the filter top and the popping of the capsule, you’ll begin to taste the fruity and juicy notes of a ripe watermelon. As you begin to inhale these Slim Rolls, they have been crafted from fruit-derived watermelon flavoured terpenes to conjure all-natural flavours.

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