4NX 12mg Arctic Mint Slim Nicotine Pouches 20 Pouches


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You can totally 4NX’s icy mint mix of cool menthol infused with Eucalyptus for something refreshing whenever and where ever you want.

Each of the 4NX nicotine pouches are smoke free, odour free, spit free and can be used on the go at anytime. As a way to settle your nicotine cravings, they are totally discreet and extremely convenient to use.

Simple to use, you place it inside your mouth in between your gum and lip for up to an hour. After that, you’ll feel a tingling sensation for 5-10 minutes as the nicotine is absorbed.

The 4NX pouches all come in a very handy carry case. They are all-white and 100% Tobacco free.

Strength: 12mg/g
Nicotine level: Extra Strong
Doses: 20 pouches

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