CBD Oil Golyoli 2% MEDI-WIET 10-20ml


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CBD oil is also known as Golyoli. This gold-colored organic CBD oil contains MCT oil with 2% CBD. A bottle of CBD oil from the Non-Profit-Organization Medical-Marihuana (Stichting Medi-Wiet in Dutch) contains 10ml volume and is sufficient for at least 200 drops.

How to use:
1 to 3 drops, 1 till 3 times a day locating the drops “below the tongue”.

Specification CBD Oil (Golyoli) Medical-Marihuana:

  • Volume: 10 ml (approximately 250 drops)
  • Use: 1 to 3 times a day, 1 – 3 drops
  • CBD: 2% including 0.5 % CBDA
  • Components: CBD extract, MCT oil

The advantage of oral intake is that 100 % of the CBD component is received by the body and an exact dose can be measured. Research has shown that the dose, the relation CBD / CBDA and the timing of the intake is important for the long-term effects of CBD. You need to determine the right proportion of drops and frequency of intake, according to your own situation and health issues.

This CBD Oil is also at a discount available:

  • 20 ml CBD Oil (Golyoli) (Medi-Wiet)

The use of CBD oil is safe. The CBD extract is made from organically produced marihuana and dissolved in MCT oil. CBD Oil is not psycho-active and can also be used for treatment of animals. CBD oil should be saved in a dark and cold place to keep its freshness and strength.

Cannabidiolic Acid
Non-profit organization Medical Marihuana, known from the CBD oil which is also called golyoli, decided to develop an even more effective CBD oil because of the success of CBD oil. This is why CBD oil next generation, in which, apart from Cannabidiol (CBD) also Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) is present, the acid form of CBD. It has been given the name CBD Golyoli.

The combination of these products results in an optimal effect on the body. The way of manufacturing this oil is adjusted so the acid form is maintained as much as possible. At the same time, this is the big difference between CBD Golyoli and CBD oil.

CBD Golyoli is not psychoactive, you will not get high or stoned from it as from marihuana or marihuana oil.

Is CBD oil or Golyoli the popular medicine of the future?
CBD is the most important phyto cannabinoid of cannabis used for medical applications. CBD intensifies the medicinal effect of Cannabinoids and at the same time reduces the effect of getting “high” or “stoned”.

The human body has its own ‘endo’ cannabinoid system, a discovery made in the 90s. This system produces a neurotransmitter Anandamine (Ananda is Latin for bliss). Phyto cannabinoids are extremely similar to the human endo cannabinoid system.

CBD itself does not have much influence on the normal physiological processes. Yet, when the endogenic cannabinoid system is stimulated through for example a shock or reaction on pain the CBD becomes active en will stimulate the endemic cannabinoid system to produce Anandamine. The neurotransmitter works as a signaler and will then control many important processes in our body.

On the internet many and mostly foreign scientific research can be found in which the effect of CBD (oil) is investigated.

CBD oil not psychoactive
CBD oil is not psychoactive or psycho-effective, which means that you will not get high or stoned on it, in contrary to marihuana or marihuana-oil. Always start with a low dose and gradually increase it when you have more experience. It is recommended to consult your doctor if you have a severe condition or disease. It is not recommended to use CBD oil when you are pregnant or are breast-feeding.

CBD oil is a food supplement. We are not in the position to give information about health claims. CBD oil is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

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