Green Apron 100mg CBD Charcoal Soap – 6 pack

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Made in Wales, Green Apron’s handmade soaps are UKs new must-haves in the sanitary regime. The Activated Charcoal and Cedarwood soap is made by 100% natural ingredients. It consists of zero per cent sulfates, parabens, propylene or phenoxyethanol. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It should always be dealt with delicacy. Therefore, Green Apron’s all-natural handmade soaps are all you need to achieve the perfect soft and glowing skin. The Activated Charcoal and Cedarwood soap won’t dry out your skin. Since it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, it will also be safe to use and cause no irritation on the skin. All ingredients used are organic, gentle and won’t be absorbed in the skin.

As an effective exfoliant, with the potential to kill dead skin cells along with the removal of dirt and grime, charcoal soap also addresses psoriasis and eczema. It is useful in the treatment of rough, cracking skin. It also stops the condition from recurring in some cases. When it comes to infusing cedarwood into soaps, they work as an antiseptic. The therapeutic properties of cedar woodwork aptly to treat and prevent acne, cut wounds and oily skin.

Combining the two nifty ingredients, Green Apron has created a sensation in the sanitary market. The activated charcoal and cedarwood soap wonderfully nourishes and exfoliates the skin. The gentle and effective exfoliation of charcoal leaves behind a soft and glowing bright skin. Since this soap is infused with hemp oil, it tends to moisturize the skin without clogging the pores. Natural soaps such as this one aren’t harsh on the skin. Cannabis is already so popular for its therapeutic benefits on the skin. Therefore, Activated Charcoal and Cedarwood soap provide relief from inflammation on the skin. It also keeps the skin young and healthy. Green Apron’s soaps being vegan-friendly are completely safe to use.

– Hemp Seed Oil Base
– Activated Charcoal
– Cedarwood Oil
– High glycerine content
– Vegetable-based
– No sulfate
– No parabens
– No phenoxyethanol
– PEG free
– No propylene
– Handmade
– Excellent foaming
– Moisturizes substantially from a high glycerine content
– Provides a pleasant skin feel
– Vegan friendly
– Cruelty-free
– Anti-ageing

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