RSO Honey 350 ml


350 ml

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Discover the Sweet Power of RSO Honey – Nature’s Blend for Wellness and Vitality

Introducing RSO Honey – A Natural Symphony of Health Benefits

Dive into the world of holistic wellness with our premium RSO Honey, a unique blend that combines the potent benefits of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) with the natural sweetness and nourishing properties of pure honey. Embrace a delicious way to enhance your health routine!

The RSO Honey consists out of a 1ml RSO-oil (ratio 3:1) combined with premium honey in a 350 ml jar.


Why RSO Honey?

  • Potent and Pure: Our RSO Honey is infused with high-quality, full-spectrum RSO, renowned for its concentrated levels of cannabinoids. This powerful combination offers a broader range of therapeutic benefits, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a natural approach to wellness.
  • Natural Sweetness: We believe in the power of nature. Our honey is sourced from responsible beekeepers, ensuring that every spoonful you enjoy is pure, organic, and free from artificial additives. It’s not just sweet; it’s naturally beneficial!
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re stirring it into your morning tea, drizzling it over your favorite snack, or enjoying it straight from the spoon, RSO Honey is the perfect companion for both your culinary adventures and wellness journey.

Benefits of RSO Honey

  • Enhanced Well-Being: Regular consumption of RSO Honey may help in managing daily stress, promoting relaxation, and supporting a balanced lifestyle.
  • Natural Relief: Ideal for those seeking relief from discomfort, our RSO Honey may assist in soothing aches, supporting recovery, and maintaining a sense of physical ease.
  • Sleep and Digestive Aid: Incorporate it into your nightly routine for a potential improvement in sleep quality or use it to aid digestion.

Our Promise

  • Ethically Produced: We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Our honey is sourced from bees that roam free in natural habitats, pollinating and supporting the ecosystem.
  • Lab-Tested for Quality and Safety: Your health is our priority. Every batch of RSO Honey is rigorously tested to ensure potency, purity, and consistency.

How to Enjoy RSO Honey

  • Start with a small amount, especially if you are new to RSO.
  • Gradually increase the quantity to suit your personal needs and preferences.
  • Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Order Now and Embrace a Sweeter Path to Wellness!

Elevate your wellness routine with RSO Honey – the perfect blend of nature’s potency and sweetness. Experience the difference today and step into a world where health meets taste.



Shipping to Europe, Ireland and the UK! Standard and Express shipping available.


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